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November 4th, 2013

Jewelry to Adorn you!

Atelier Leseine is happy to offer to its customers a new site and three new collections. Adding to our couture line, Perle Captive, comes now three Tahitian carved black pearls collections; Moana Chic, Moana Mode and Moana Trend.

Nestled deep within the balmy turquoise lagoons of French Polynesia grows the lustrous Tahitian black pearl in its natural setting. This precious marine jewel has come to symbolize the purity of its origin and captivates with each unique color and form.

Every carefully hand-selected pearl is given a master's touch by the skillful Tahitian artisans who hand-carve their traditional Polynesian motifs to convey a culture rich with powerful images.

Cast your gaze upon the mysterious Bora Bora, the mesmerizing Marquesas Islands, and the softly beckoning Tuamotus . . .

These exotic isles of mythical proportion lend their character to each pearl, rendering the magnetic collections even more distinctive. These treasured jewels are as unique as the wearer -- you are truly the sole owner of these original pearls.

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October 24th, 2013

Atelier Leseine showed its couture collection "Perle Captive" and three new Tahitian carved black pearls collections during an evening held at retailer Shreve&Co in San Francisco. The event was organized by the WJA. It was great to be able to meet people from the industry and share the passion for design.

October 2013

Atelier is featured in: i-Fashion Magazine September 2013 issue-Page 32-33.

Such a nice treat. Hope you'll enjoy viewing the magazine.

September 2013

Atelier Leseine got press during the Hong Kong fair in JNA. Being mentioned along such names as Mikimoto, Galatea to name a few...what a honor!! I wish to take this time to thank all my supporters. Mr Anthony DeMarco it was a pleasure to talk with you! We cannot wait to bring more creativity into this world. Nathalie Leseine.

 Perle Captive.

December 2012

Southern Jewelry News writes The Story Behind The Stone: Inside The Artist's Mind.

November 1st , 2012

13 countries, hundreds of designs submitted in the International Pearl Design Competition held by the Culture Pearl Association of America and Nathalie Leseine from Atelier Leseine earned a commendation for her first design created! The "Perle Captive Earrings" were submitted. I'm happy and thank Geoffrey Good too for his excellent work!

May 2012 - Captive or Caressed?

Color-n-ice article on Perle Captive.

May 2012 - Taking Flight

Press releases announcing Atelier Leseine and Perle Captive.

April 2012 - Captivating Pearl Earrings

While rings carry much meaning, earrings are equally important as they frame your face. In designing the drop earrings, along with our partner Geoffrey Good we spent much time debating how to combine classic feminine diamonds pavé links to a contemporary 18k white gold palladium polyhedron. We wanted the earrings to have impact and yet be discreet. We chose finest-quality 9mm round Tahitian black pearls and encased them within multifaceted polyhedrons (9/16" at its widest), pierced to show the prize within. Each cage is suspended from a fall of elegant links, 1.5" in length, and all are accented with delicate .80ct TDW diamond pavé per pair. Our earrings are handcrafted in our NYC workshop. By combining structure and softness we wish to capture beauty and deliver an aura of confidence for a woman who knows how to be unusually unique.

April 2012 - Not Just A Pearl Ring

Having seen the Tahitian pearl in many jewelry designs since 1995, I wanted again to offer something unique, like I had done with Tahitian Designs by having carved Polynesians motifs on the pearls. So this time I tried to focus on creative ways to present the pearl while using my multi-cultural background and my love for both classic and contemporary designs. I remembered the intricate geometric metal work of France's Eiffel Tower, recalled the structure of traditional small bird cages in China, and was inspired by New York designer Geoffrey Good knowing he would be able to add his unusual designs ways. In the end Atelier Leseine and Geoffrey Good designed a elegant pearl ring both classic and modern. A single 11-12mm round finest-quality Tahitian black pearl is captured within a multifaceted polyhedron cage (9/16" at its widest), and rising from a gracefully arching ring. Pierced to show the prize within, the cage frames the pearl with delicate diamond pavé, approx .50ct TDW. Handcrafted in 18k white gold-palladium in our NYC workshop. This ring is for a woman who wants to affirm her unusually unique style with discretion and powerful elegance.

March 2012 - Atelier Leseine Preview of Perle Captive

Perle Captive is the name of Atelier Leseine's very first collection. This line is inspired by my love for the French Polynesian Tahitian black pearl, French classic pavé designs and my love for the geometric lines of the Eiffel Tower. I also drew influences from my memories of Chinese people who keep their colorful birds in traditionally intricate bamboo cages often hexagonal or Polyhedron in shape. The latest line of Geoffrey Good, Hedra was also a good starting point for both Atelier Leseine and Geoffrey Good who designed the line as partners. The creative thought process led to ask; why not create an exquisite yet minimalist gold nest in which the lustrous Tahitian pearl could be presented? The result is a fusion of cultures, of forward designs with classic sensibilities. Perle Captive will turn heads whichever continent you live on or travel to. It is unusually unique in every way!

February 2012 - Ode to the Hummingbird by Pablo Neruda

The hummingbird in flight is a water-spark, an incandescent drip of American fire, the jungle's flaming resume, a heavenly, precise rainbow: the hummingbird is an arc, a golden thread, a green bonfire!

Oh tiny living lightning, when you hover in the air, you are a body of pollen, a feather or hot coal, I ask you: What is your substance? Perhaps during the blind age of the Deluge, within fertility's mud, when the rose crystallized in an anthracite fist, and metals matriculated each one in a secret gallery perhaps then from a wounded reptile some fragment rolled, a golden atom, the last cosmic scale, a drop of terrestrial fire took flight, suspending your splendor, your iridescent, swift sapphire.

You doze on a nut, fit into a diminutive blossom; you are an arrow, a pattern, a coat-of-arms, honey's vibrato, pollen's ray; you are so stouthearted-- the falcon with his black plumage does not daunt you: you pirouette, a light within the light, air within the air. Wrapped in your wings, you penetrate the sheath of a quivering flower, not fearing that her nuptial honey may take off your head!

From scarlet to dusty gold, to yellow flames, to the rare ashen emerald, to the orange and black velvet of our girdle gilded by sunflowers, to the sketch like amber thorns, your Epiphany, little supreme being, you are a miracle, shimmering from torrid California to Patagonia's whistling, bitter wind. You are a sun-seed, plumed fire, a miniature flag in flight, a petal of silenced nations, a syllable of buried blood, a feather of an ancient heart, submerged.

December 2011 - Life Lesson

Every company has a story. Atelier Leseine is about the story of a beautiful friendship: That of Leslie Dawson, co-founder of Ambiance Interiors and me. I had the honor to meet Leslie shortly after she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Her incredible courage, tenacity, and joy for what life is supposed to be about, was contagious.

When I expressed this past summer my intention to go ahead and create another new company, her very first words were: "You go ahead girl, be busy living your dream!". On Dec 12th, 2011, after 7 years of being busy living, Leslie left this world for another journey.

We both shared a love for hummingbirds which played a big role in our friendship. I gave a little gold hummingbird with ruby eyes for Leslie to wear during her chemo sessions, while I wore mine made of sapphire and diamonds. We named them little paco and big paco. Leslie loved jewels, pink and red. And so it became obvious that Atelier Leseine should have a hummingbird as its logo. The bird is pinkish-red, which happens to be also the color of my favorite padparadscha sapphire.

August 2011 - Atelier Leseine Partners With Geoffrey Good

Geoffrey Good is a prolific New York jeweler who has also traveled the globe. On Madison Avenue he advanced his skills and created jewelry for the celebrated firms such as Cartier, Fred Leighton, Taffin, Verdura, Christie's & Sotherby's before founding his own workshop.

Geoffrey Good's style is most unusual by design; European, Asian & African influences are utilized with restraint and integrity, resulting in works that are both exotic and modern. Geoffrey Good's jewelry is unusually fine from every consideration and that is why Atelier Leseine decided to partner with him to create Perle Captive. His background was simply a perfect match!

July 2011 - Atelier Leseine Is Born

Atelier Leseine is named after my family last name. Born in Paris I spent many hours strolling by the river Seine to seek quiet and inspiration. The buildings in Paris always fascinated me. Like most people, I'm in love with the structure of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is the very symbol of what was once considered a modern piece few accepted at the time and went on to become a classic! One focus of Atelier Leseine is exactly that; to create pieces with universal appeal keeping in mind the challenge of balancing modern lines with classic lines.

May 2011 - Following My Passion

Yes, it is never too late to start living your passion! Many events along the way might often push us in different directions. If one was to stop for a moment, stay still, and listen to his core, one might finally discover what was always inside but never expressed. So is my story.

Last May, I landed in Tahiti in search of the perfect pearls I wanted for a vision I had. Already knowing my way around, I still took time to visit a few pearl farmers, distributors to finally decide.

My mind buzzed with design ideas as I examined all of the gorgeous Tahitian pearls with pink, green, bronze, blue and grey hues. I knew only one color would do for her vision, so I searched for a specific shade of grey. I found it!