"The woman wearing Perle Captive understands modern elegance. She goes anywhere
confidently wearing my jewelry and is admired for her chic style. The Perle Captive woman
adores the feeling of owning such distinctive jewelry." — Nathalie Leseine

Jewelry Artist Nathalie Leseine

Paris native Nathalie Leseine saw inspiration all around her as a girl. Walking along the Place Vendôme in Paris, her creativity took flight spying enticing jewels in Cartier's windows — and at Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chaumet.


Following her Bliss — Finding her Passion

Moving to San Francisco as a teenager, Leseine studied Public Relations and Chinese language in part because of its artistic writing style. With an explorer's curiosity she traveled all over Asia and the South Pacific.

Leseine fondly recalls her first trip to Tahiti in 1995. "It was October, and as the plane approached the landing strip, the crystalline blue lagoon sparkled like tiny dancing diamonds. The lush green island of Moorea appeared like an emerald sitting atop an aquamarine. I was so eager to discover the real gem of these waters — La Perle de Tahiti, the gorgeous Tahitian pearl; lustrous with its countless color variations. It was my second love affair with jewels!"

An Internet marketing business she established in Silicon Valley sold in 2000, allowing her to immerse herself in French Polynesia, meeting pearl farmers and learning about the cultured pearl trade first hand. She became an expert in these alluring marine gems.

Sharing the Love

She founded an exotic carved cultured pearl business Tahitian Designs in 2004. "It was time to share my artistic passion with the world. But I wanted to do this with a unique twist," Leseine confides. "So I found the Master in Tahiti known for having carved oysters for 30 years. I commissioned him to carve traditional Polynesian motifs right onto the pearl. My vision was to take off-round pearls and show how beautiful they could become; with designs depicting the Polynesian soul, mainly strength, wisdom, peace and protection." Over the years, thousands of these unique pearls made their way to jewelry artists around the world and became a part of their own designs.

The Next Chapter

When Leseine met famed New York designer Geoffrey Good in 2011 she thought her carved pearls might be good for his unusual designs. A prolific jeweler, Good traveled the globe, and established his own workshop in 2001. His jewelry appeared at such firms as Cartier, Fred Leighton, Taffin, and Verdura; his pieces also sold at leading auction houses like Christie's and Sotheby's.

After many creative conversations with the artist, she discovered it was really time for her to take the next step in this love affair with jewels. She would create her own designs.

A Star Collection is Born

So Atelier Leseine was born. For her first collection, it was a logical choice to partner with Good as his style complements the vision behind her debut with Perle Captive. Her next collection of casual-chic Carved Pearls perfectly complements the couture Perle Captive line. Artfully hand-carved Tahitian black pearls are both exotic and trend-worthy--and have found audiences with sophisticated women who want to wear jewelry unselfconsciously while still making a statement.

Atelier Leseine expresses Leseine's love for design forms iconic to France, The United States, The South Pacific and Asia. She expresses her love for these cultures in a clever new take. The classic forms infuse Perle Captive with contemporary sensibilities and careful attention to detail in a nod to her French savoir-faire. Leseine's Carved Pearls provides stylish women more opportunities to enjoy pearls in a form that takes them from business to beach.

Through the Artist's Eye

"I have always placed great importance on symbols in my life. Atelier Leseine's logo, the hummingbird was chosen very specifically. The first and very personal reason is because it was a symbol of the special friendship I shared with my best friend Leslie who passed recently", she confides.

The hummingbird, also called 'a flying jewel' is seen as a messenger of love and eternal joy flying across the continents. These delicate creatures are master architects who construct their home with great care and design. The fearless miniature birds are known to chase away eagles.

So hummingbirds represent the essence of Atelier Leseine. They are jewels bringing timeless joy, masterfully crafted for a unique woman who is fearless in expressing her style synthesis.

Atelier Leseine supports the fight against breast cancer — a very personal cause that touched Leseine when her best friend Leslie passed away in December 2011. Please visit a site where you can give a free mammogram to someone at no cost for you. A few seconds of your time will mean the world to a special recipient. We appreciate your support.