"I feel the essence behind jewelry design evolves as a woman grows and gets to know herself
more over time. As a designer, one would hope that when you arrive in your 40's you know
yourself even though you will continue to grow and evolve. Personally I know that architecture,
sculpture, flora and fauna play a big role in my life and so they will always be present in my
designs as a source of inspiration." — Nathalie Leseine

The Art of Creating

The process a designer employs in creating jewelry that speaks to the collector is an art developed over a lifetime. In some ways it's as much a part of living as anything else he or she experiences. The designer draws from rich lasting impressions which fuel the creative voice. The collector, on the other hand has countless choices when considering her personal adornment. How do these two separate lives intersect? The designer creates for the sheer joy of expression; for bringing a unique jewel into being, perhaps with someone in mind, but maybe not. The collector responding to a designer's jewelry grasps the creative voice of that designer. And the two are forever linked by a love of the creative process.

Designer Leseine appreciates the process a collector goes through in finding jewelry that speaks to her. "The woman who selects a certain jewel knows... A designer can create subtle rings or big rings depending on his or her own influences," Leseine explains. "I do not believe a designer ever creates assertive jewelry. Instead I believe the jewelry can become interpreted as assertive. A confident woman intuitively knows what will enhance her beauty."

Designing Jewels for the Seasons of Life

Leseine sees beauty in every chapter of a woman's life; each with its own charm and distinction. She connects with her audience through specific shapes and motifs she develops in her collection. "A woman should adorn herself differently as she ages. A 20 year old woman is a completely different person than when she has reached 40. But I do think a woman in her 40s and 50s and maybe into her 60s can wear the same well designed jewelry she wore in her 40s."

Adorned & Adored

Wearing jewelry is a highly personal expression for any woman. Her taste, what influences her and how she wants to feel in her jewels determine the selection she makes. Leseine takes these factors into consideration with every piece she designs.

"I want a woman to sense her unique personality wearing my jewels," Leseine reflects. "I want her to feel elegant, chic and modern with a powerful vibe." Leseine clearly celebrates the power of the individual. "Love me as I am" is how Leseine's believes the woman wearing her jewels feels in them.

Lasting Treasures, Enduring Chic

Leseine observes the transient effect of fads in jewelry--and recognizes the appeal of excellent style and design that endures over time. A woman wearing Perle Captive selects her jewels carefully to be treasured now, and to evolve with her throughout her life.

Does she have a personal preference in gemstones? "Pearl pearls and more pearls, and of course diamonds!" Leseine's jewels are chic accessories today and elegant signature pieces for years to come. "These gems are timeless, which is why I selected pearls and diamonds for my first collection."

Celebrating a Woman's Many Moods

Jewelry designed by a woman for women captures how the wearer feels that day and expresses the mood of the moment when wearing it. Leseine's latest collection of Carved Pearls is casually sophisticated for a modern woman's day to night relaxed lifestyle.

Central to this exciting upscale array are the mystical Tahitian carved black pearls--- each skillfully hand-carved by Tahitian master artists. The Carved Pearl Collection boasts unique one-off pearls with a decidedly modern vibe. "No two carved pearls are exactly alike--they are as distinct as the woman wearing them," Leseine points out.

A World of Inspiration

Designer Leseine takes delight in the rich experiences she's gathered from her journeys around the globe. She lived many years in France, Spain and the United States; and traveled extensively in the South Pacific with extended stays in French Polynesia. The explorer in her led her to New Caledonia, the Cook Islands, Taipei and China.

France: Inspired by the visual appeal, movement and soft technique of impressionist paintings, she was captivated by Rodin, bedazzled by Boucheron and Cartier refined jewels, and mesmerized by the sensual Art Nouveau jewelry by Lalique. Intricate geometric architecture, like that of the famed Eiffel Tower cast its spell on her.

Spain: She experienced iconic gothic architecture, Picasso's paintings from his Cubist, Neo-classic, and Tribal-art eras. The Alhambra's Moorish palaces caused poets to call them "pearls set in emeralds", alluding to the pale buildings in the midst of woods. Luis Masriera's masterful use of enamel in Art Nouveau jewelry paid sensual homage to Nature's flora and fauna.

China: An intense visual art experience; she fell in love with calligraphy, became in awe of the jade culture, like the impressive sculpture of two monkeys presenting a peach inspired by a folk legend of the "Jade Emperor." Vivid expressions of nature and the animal kingdom in art and adornment touched a deep and lasting chord with her which remains to this day.

South Pacific: Mostly in French Polynesia, she explored and studied indigenous traditional arts which produced important sculptors from the Marquesas Islands, drew master-painter Paul Gauguin, weavers of traditional Polynesian dance costumes, and jewelers who are privileged to design with the world's most coveted Tahitian black pearl.

United States: Leseine discovered abstract expressionism; Franz Josef Kline's 'Painting Number 2', c.1954 revealed to her the influence of Japanese calligraphy. She connected with Ansel Adams' photography of nature, and admired the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture which exists in harmony with humanity and the environment.

During her travels, the classic art forms of every culture made deep impressions on her. Each society wove their essence into her jewelry. The impact on her collection today is an expression of this multi-cultural journey.