Do men wear pearls? Of course!

Pearls have adorned powerful men as far as 2300 BC when they were the prized possessions of members of the Chinese royalty. The Maharajahs loved their pearls and you would often see royalty depicted wearing multiple strands of pearls. Polynesians Warriors and Europeans Kings wore them for centuries, as well as pirates!

Atelier Leseine's Pearl Collections for Men, "Moana Cruise and Moana Mana” have been created to awaken the modern explorer, the adventurer, the man of the world, and the man in your life.

Every carefully hand-selected Tahitian pearl is touched by Master Craftmen, skillful Tahitian Artisans who hand-carve traditional Polynesian motifs and symbols which convey a culture rich with powerful images. Each motif has a special meaning or story behind its design. The way they are depicted and the combination of symbols gives a carving its own special character.

Atelier Leseine understands that there is no one else just like your man. Both of these new collections are rugged, hand-crafted, and one of a kind!…no two pearls will ever be exactly the same- just as no two men are!

So- will YOUR man wear Pearls? Remember these aren't your Grand Mother's pearls. These are dark rich Tahitian Pearls! Research has found that men love jewelry, however most won't buy it for themselves…but he is sure to wear anything you buy for him!


Moana Cruise

Moana Mana