"Charm them with your presence
as soon as they look at you." - Anna Held

A charm bracelet is the ultimate piece of jewelry telling the story of the woman that wears it.

Where has she been?

What does she love?

What matters most to her?

It is the most personal and symbolic piece of jewelry a woman could wear.

Atelier Leseine revisits the charm bracelet, giving a classic piece the Couture treatment with a luxurious look while still maintaining the modern vibe the designer Leseine cares for.

The metal used is Palladium from the same family of precious metals as platinum!

Why? It shares the strength of platinum…and since it's naturally white there is no expensive maintenance to keep it brilliant for life.

The bracelet itself holds your interest by incorporating links of different sizes and finishes giving a two tone effect that adds warmth to the piece. The integrated diamond clasp shows Leseine's attention to detail and desire to keep the lines of the bracelet clean and pure as to not distract from the charms that will be added to it over a lifetime.

Called "Le Charmeur'', the name of this bracelet refers to all that charmed this lady at some point in her life…Paris, Tahiti, Asia…