Because Rose and Romance make a fine pair

Perle Captive by Atelier Leseine was first launched in 18k White Gold-Palladium and received an award at the International Culture Pearl Design Contest for its earrings design.

Tahitian black pearls, compelling wonders from exotic isles, veritable marine gems, and vibrant symbols of purity and perfection are unique.

Like all fine art, this exclusive collection is created in a limited edition of numbered pieces. Versatile in their appeal, a fusion of tradition and innovation these pieces are destined to imprint a lifetime of symbolism for the wearer and those in her inner circle.

We are now happy to introduce this timeless collection in18K Rose Gold and 18k Yellow Gold showcasing exceptional high-quality Tahitian black pearls.

Take a look at our Perle Captive couture charm meant to be an heirloom. Classic elegance with a modern vibe; simply timeless and so versatile - Hook it onto our "Le Charmeur" couture charm bracelet, or pair it with your chain for a new look.  The choice is yours and it's sure to be unique!