Moana Cruise- Dream, explore, discover, the world is your oyster...Modern and yet it holds on to the Traditional Tahitian Culture.

Nathalie Leseine has gone above and beyond in her Moana Cruise Collection. All the ease necessary for the World Traveler or the Boardroom; Moana Cruise starts with Leseine's trademark carved pearl, each 10 - 12mm, gets the Industrial treatment with a rubber choker and simple clean end caps that bring the pearl front and center. Our smooth black rubber, the handcrafted geometric mounting and easy new designer closure all pair perfectly with the traditional Tahitian Tattoo art.
Let's talk about this clasp!  This clasp was designed for the way Men wear jewelry contemporary in design, smooth to the touch, it is adjustable to wear at the length you choose and a gentle tug makes it large enough to take on and off over your head.
Our attention to detail doesn't stop there. Convenience is key in Men's jewelry so we used Argentium, a tarnish resistant silver, so your piece will look as good on day one hundred and one as it did on day one.
So go, cruise the world in a piece of jewelry that celebrates an ancient tradition yet is as modern as you are!