Moana Mana - In the Tahitian culture, Mana is that certain something in the way a man carries himself...a quiet strength. Confident, he walks to the beat of his own drum...a bit of mystery, a vitality all his own, he is perfectly personified in the bold Tahitian pearl with its intense color. The Native Carvings serve his fiercely personal style...his Mana!

Each 11 - 13 mm pearl is hand selected and symbols from the art of ancient Polynesian Tattoos are intricately carved by skilled Tahitian craftsmen revealing the mysteries of a still vibrant culture. As is her style, designer, Nathalie Leseine has designed a simple elegant bail with its clean lines being the ideal juxtaposition to the complex designs carved into your unique pearl.

Created in Argentium (tarnish resistant silver) the modern bail is a masculine take on the popular enhancer style with a mechanism that allows you to detach your pearl and wear it on a leather cord, steel cable or even a chain...the choice is yours.