December 2011 - Life Lesson

Every company has a story. Atelier Leseine is about the story of a beautiful friendship: That of Leslie Dawson, co-founder of Ambiance Interiors and me. I had the honor to meet Leslie shortly after she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Her incredible courage, tenacity, and joy for what life is supposed to be about, was contagious.

When I expressed this past summer my intention to go ahead and create another new company, her very first words were: "You go ahead girl, be busy living your dream!". On Dec 12th, 2011, after 7 years of being busy living, Leslie left this world for another journey.

We both shared a love for hummingbirds which played a big role in our friendship. I gave a little gold hummingbird with ruby eyes for Leslie to wear during her chemo sessions, while I wore mine made of sapphire and diamonds. We named them little paco and big paco. Leslie loved jewels, pink and red. And so it became obvious that Atelier Leseine should have a hummingbird as its logo. The bird is pinkish-red, which happens to be also the color of my favorite padparadscha sapphire.