March 2012 - Atelier Leseine Preview of Perle Captive

Perle Captive is the name of Atelier Leseine's very first collection. This line is inspired by my love for the French Polynesian Tahitian black pearl, French classic pavé designs and my love for the geometric lines of the Eiffel Tower. I also drew influences from my memories of Chinese people who keep their colorful birds in traditionally intricate bamboo cages often hexagonal or Polyhedron in shape. The latest line of Geoffrey Good, Hedra was also a good starting point for both Atelier Leseine and Geoffrey Good who designed the line as partners. The creative thought process led to ask; why not create an exquisite yet minimalist gold nest in which the lustrous Tahitian pearl could be presented? The result is a fusion of cultures, of forward designs with classic sensibilities. Perle Captive will turn heads whichever continent you live on or travel to. It is unusually unique in every way!