January 16th, 2014

Atelier Leseine is proud to support Sharing in the Rough, a documentary that follows the lives of the individuals that uncover and share in the transformation of a gem from the time it is mined by East African miners, to the faceter who expertly cuts each stone and brings out its beauty, and finally to the jewelry designer whose skills and talents create works of art that will one day become a lasting heirloom. 

This exciting documentary into the world of colored gemstones is the first of its kind, as never before has a film documented this process from start to finish.  The story will be conveyed in both an educational and informational way, documenting the unique story of each person’s special contribution to the final product that is a piece of beautiful jewelry.

Production for this much anticipated project began this January when the team touched down on Nairobi to begin production in Tanzania and Kenya.

We are so very excited about this film, as we feel it can help bring awareness to the mining process, and all the crucial steps that come after a gem is brought from the earth in the making of a faceted gemstone and finished piece of jewelry.  It is our hope that this film will help enhance the lives of the miners and educate the world about the people that work so hard to bring these incredible gifts of beauty to us.

Please visit the documentary’s website at www.sharingtherough.com and follow their exciting journey via their social media.  We will also be commenting about the project on our blog, and social media as well at www.atelierleseine.com