Sharing The Rough

We all own jewelry with pearls and gemstones, but do we always know the origin, the process, the story behind the gemstones? As a designer mostly involved withTahitian Black Pearls, which I have known their story since 1995, when it comes to gemstones I'm still discovering... and this is why Atelier Leseine was glad to lend support in the making of this important documentary, Sharing The Rough.

Orin Mazzoni is an American director/filmmaker who has garnered many awards and acclaim for his work. His current feature, Sharing The Rough, tells the fascinating and valuable story from miner to faceter to designer.

The world of colored gemstones is still dominated by individuals miners and artisans; and each has a powerful and extremely unique story to tell. Sharing The Rough captures the realism and appreciation of this world.

The film follows a single gemstone through the hands of the East African Miners who bring these treasures to the surface, to the Gem Cutter who breathes life into the gem to make it radiate with brilliance, and finally to the Jewelry Designer who creates a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that will accentuate the beauty of the gem.

The story needed to be told and glad someone finally did it! This documentary will make for a must watch for all in the industry as well as the general public.

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