Behind The Legend of Pearls

A dreamy and romantic legend about the Tahitian black pearl speaks of how the moon bathes the ocean with its light to attract the oysters. When they come to the ocean surface, the moon bestows heavenly dew upon each one of them. In time, the drop of heavenly dew is polished and shrouds itself in garments with blue, green, gold and pink shining in the colors of Tahitian pearls.

There are many myths and legends about all pearls. Cherished by royalty, fashion icons, designers, and passed as heirlooms from mothers to daughters for centuries, the pearl is mesmerizing to those who fall under its spell. But what is the secret story of pearls?

In the book 'Tears of Mermaids', author Stephen G. Bloom travels thirty thousands miles in an effort to trace a single pearl. Blooms chronicles the never-before-told saga of the global pearl trade; from pearl farms in China, to the Philippines, French Polynesia, and Australia to backstage at Christie's for an auction where a string of 68 gumball-sized pearls belonging to an Indian Maharaja are up for grabs. Final price? $6.3 million.

Tears of Mermaids takes us into a world so hidden it might as well be underwater. Bloom weaves a non stop detective story whose main character is the world's most enduring jewel.

So for this summer among your books to read I encourage you to pick up this one! You'll discover pearls in a whole new light, way past the legends...

Tears of Mermaids: The Secret Story of Pearls By Stephen G Bloom