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September 30, 2014

The Power of Pearl Transcends Jewelry

Atelier Leseine is committed to show you what a pearl is all about, so you will fall in love with it even more so, but now with a richer understanding of what a pearl means to the people working at those pearl farms.

Watch the trailer! Read the site and consider supporting this documentary.

For the last 5000 years, men and women have given their lives seeking the perfect pearl. Nature’s only living gem, the pearl, has the power to make a drastic impact on the world in more ways than one: it feeds communities, empowers women, educates children, preserves dying cultures and repairs the oceans.

The documentary "Power of Pearl" follows a handful of pearl farms in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, telling the story of the unique relationship western pearl farmers have with their workers and surrounding communities.

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September 25, 2014

Tahitian Symbols On Carved Pearls

Atelier Leseine values the tradition of the Polynesian culture and wishes to express it via its exotic Tahitian carved pearls collections.

In French Polynesia, the Tahitian cultured pearl is known for its unique luster, which partly is a result of a thick layer of mother of pearl. The Tahiti cultured pearl has a layer of nacre of minimum 0,8mm, often much thicker. The thick layer of nacre makes it possible to carve these pearls.

Every carving has a very special meaning or story behind its design. Most carvings combine elements from several areas of mythology which interact with each other to tell a story. Each element has its own specific meaning and the way they are portrayed or combined is what gives a carving its own special character.

Nathalie is of course inspired by the geometric elements represented heavily in the motifs and stories chosen.

It is believed that a carved pearl which is worn with respect or given and received with love, takes on part of the spirit of those who wear or handle it. In this way it becomes a spiritual link between people spanning time and distance. A carved Tahitian black pearl that has been worn by family or members over many generations contains the spirit of all those people and is truly a great and powerful treasure.

Some common motifs you will see used in Atelier Leseine carved pearls

The graphics below show the basic pattern and variations for each motifs.

“Ocean” symbol is very common among Polynesian tattoo designs. The ocean is regarded as their source of food and can represent life, fertility and persistence. Ocean waves are used to symbolize the other world beyond too, which is a homeland where all ancestors live, where they will all eventually meet again.

“Enata” is a typical motif in Polynesian tattoo designs to symbolize “beings” both humans and gods. Originating from the Marquesas language, it’s commonly used to represent life experiences, birth, rank in society, etc. It can be also be combined to represent relationships, such as marriage, family, relatives and friends. Actions can be also represented by combining enatas, for example, a combination of enatas and a creature means defending against this dangerous creature. You will also commonly see a semi-circle of enatas, like the two semi-circles in the lower right corner of the picture below which means the sky, guarding all the Polynesians and their children.

In Polynesian culture the “Sun” is seen as the center of the Universe. It often stands for riches, brilliance, grandeur and leadership. The sun’s periodic rising is regarded as eternity, giving consistent source, which is similar with other cultures. The rising of the sun represents a life source and rebirth and the sunset represents passage to the next life or world. Someone may get a sun motif to represent the sunset of a loved one, and another may get it to represent his or her leadership role in a community.

“Shark Teeth” is a fish symbol very popular among Polynesians. It’s called “niho mano” in Polynesian language. When people who are not familiar with the culture think of shark teeth, it is easy to think of fear, ferocity, and death. However shark teeth usually represents shelter or coverage, guidance, power, adaptability.

The Polynesian tattoo symbol of “Spearheads” can be found in almost every Polynesian tattoo design. It’s designed to express courage and the willingness to fight like a warrior. To each person it has its individual meaning, such as the willingness to fight for his or her culture by the use of protest or words or the willingness to fight for his/hers well being. It could also lean more towards courage, such as having the courage to be an individual openly without fear of judgment.

The “Marquesan Cross” is a symbol which is quite popular and widely used in many Polynesian tattoo designs. It’s often used to symbolize balance between elements and harmony, like Libra scales in traditional American culture. In Polynesia it is typically thought to represent said harmony of the natural elements, considering that they all feed one another. Someone may get this tattoo to symbolize such harmony, or he or she may get it to represent harmony in life. Someone may also get it to represent a newfound enthusiasm for balance in work and life, or an overall balance in spirituality.

September 24, 2014

Atelier Leseine mentioned in another blog!

We were mentioned in another blog recently! Head over to The Daily Jewel to read the article featuring us!


September 16, 2014

Black Pearls of French Polynesia

The Story Behind the Jewelry- A very informative article on black pearls, winner of a Field of Knowledge Infography Award of Excellence. Necklace photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme.

August 20, 2014

Atelier Leseine Debuts Men’s Lines in Two New Jewelry Collections

Atelier Leseine Debuts Men’s Lines in Two New Jewelry Collections

Designer draws on French Polynesian history for her exotic men’s pearl collections

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

Atelier Leseine designer, Nathalie Leseine, unveils her latest Tahitian carved black pearl men jewelry collections, Moana Cruise and Moana Mana. A world traveler and Tahitian pearl expert, Leseine’s love for the traditions behind the Polynesian motifs brought her to design carved pearl collections for men too. And why not?

The pearl, with its dark colors has a very masculine appearance. Those having the pleasure of visiting the native country of these pearls will see the inhabitants of the islands, men and women, young and old, carrying these noble gems with pride. This is a trend that is now expanding around the world with free thinking men celebrating their masculinity through the intensity of the Tahitian black pearl.

Spending time in French Polynesia taught Leseine the stories behind the Tahitian motifs on a carved pearl, the value of owning such a pearl, how it reflected your personality and what you love and respect. And so, it was evident to her that collections which bear this rich cultural Polynesian trademark needed to be offered.

Atelier Leseine’s latest pearl collections, “Moana Cruise” and “Moana Mana” have been created to awaken the modern explorer, the adventurer, and the man of the world.

Every carefully hand­selected Tahitian pearl is carved by the hands of Master Craftsmen, skillful Tahitian artisans who choose traditional Polynesian motifs and symbols which convey the powerful images of a culture rich with powerful images. Each motif has a special meaning or story behind its design with the combination of symbols and the way they are depicted giving each carving its own unique character. Because the Tahitian pearls in these collections are hand­crafted, no two pearls will ever be exactly the same.

Atelier Leseine opened in 2011 in Mountain View, CA with a philosophy of bringing jewels with a multi­cultural vibe into forward thinking designs. With Moana Cruise, a chocker featuring a handcrafted mounting and adjustable clasp, we can clearly see the trademarks of the designer; her love for geometric angles which pair just right with the Polynesian motifs, her attention to detail with the adjustable clasp for convenience for the wearer, and her pursuit for quality long lasting jewels by choosing to use Argentium non tarnish silver to make sure the jewel will stay as beautiful as on day one.

Her second distinctive line, Moana Mana, offers even more choices as the pearl enhancer allows for the pearl to be worn either on this high quality rubber with the adjustable clasp, or be detached and be worn on a leather cord or silver chain, whichever mood strikes her customer.

Moana Cruise and Moana Mana speak to each individual in its private language of what he loves. One thing becomes clear ­­every man fortunate enough to wear these exotic pieces are sure to be noticed.

To learn more contact Nathalie Leseine at nathalie(at)atelierleseine(dot)com or at Atelier Leseine, PO Box 391446, Mountain View, CA 94039. Visit Call (650) 714­4112

February 26, 2014

Feb 26th, 2014

This year Atelier Leseine has decided to venture into the world of gemstones.

So I headed to the acclaimed Tucson Gem Show in February, for a few days.

It can be quite overwhelming for a first timer - this show being the largest gem and mineral show in the United States.

The AGTA, GJX and JCK offered hundreds of gemstone dealers and jewelry designers. 

There were lectures, seminars and also exhibits displaying rare and private collections from museums around the world.

So for this first trip, I  knew I had to prepare a bit beforehand and selected some dealers I knew I wanted to meet.

Have a priority list, get that done, and leave a little room for the surprise treasure one might discover…a key to a successful short trip.

I was fortunate that for this first trip I had a couple of wonderful ladies with me who knew the show and could guide me a bit.

My very first stop was the booth of John Dyer, a master gemstone cutter known worldwide for his artistic ability and passion for precision. 

With 41 cutting awards, you can only imagine the beauty that was on display. It was simply mesmerizing!

I focused though, on the gems that would complement perfectly the Tahitian black pearl and that would allow Atelier Leseine to show that yes, the pearls have many color variations. Pairing a true marine gem with gemstones selected by John as he travels the world to find the finest, and then craft them into unique creations, is just the perfect fit for what Atelier Leseine wishes to design this year.

For this time around, I selected four gemstones; a gorgeous Starbrite™ cut 4.23cts Malaya Garnet, a feminine Zigzag™ cut 1.22cts Bicolor Tourmaline, a Starbrite™ 6.13cts Celery Tourmaline, and a striking Dreamscape™ cut 2.99cts Pink Tourmaline. Now we search for our most perfect Tahitian black pearls to pair with these beauties so we can create unique one of kind designs we hope you will enjoy!

…and yes, I found other beauties and a little unexpected surprise treasure.


January 31, 2014

January 31st, 2014 - Radiant Orchid

Orchids tend to evoke in us exoticism, sophistication, tropical evasion, joy!

This year Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid. What an incredible choice! This captivating color is very much Universal and from Europe, North America to Asia, we predict incredible jewels will be created. 

At Atelier Leseine we are particularly excited about this choice. Radiant Orchid complements a multitude of colors, especially those in the gray family and we think of course of our fabulous Tahitian black pearls. 

In honor of this color choice we have our own hummingbird bringing you a special little charm to spread even more joy!