Feb 26th, 2014

This year Atelier Leseine has decided to venture into the world of gemstones.

So I headed to the acclaimed Tucson Gem Show in February, for a few days.

It can be quite overwhelming for a first timer - this show being the largest gem and mineral show in the United States.

The AGTA, GJX and JCK offered hundreds of gemstone dealers and jewelry designers. 

There were lectures, seminars and also exhibits displaying rare and private collections from museums around the world.

So for this first trip, I  knew I had to prepare a bit beforehand and selected some dealers I knew I wanted to meet.

Have a priority list, get that done, and leave a little room for the surprise treasure one might discover…a key to a successful short trip.

I was fortunate that for this first trip I had a couple of wonderful ladies with me who knew the show and could guide me a bit.

My very first stop was the booth of John Dyer, a master gemstone cutter known worldwide for his artistic ability and passion for precision. 

With 41 cutting awards, you can only imagine the beauty that was on display. It was simply mesmerizing!

I focused though, on the gems that would complement perfectly the Tahitian black pearl and that would allow Atelier Leseine to show that yes, the pearls have many color variations. Pairing a true marine gem with gemstones selected by John as he travels the world to find the finest, and then craft them into unique creations, is just the perfect fit for what Atelier Leseine wishes to design this year.

For this time around, I selected four gemstones; a gorgeous Starbrite™ cut 4.23cts Malaya Garnet, a feminine Zigzag™ cut 1.22cts Bicolor Tourmaline, a Starbrite™ 6.13cts Celery Tourmaline, and a striking Dreamscape™ cut 2.99cts Pink Tourmaline. Now we search for our most perfect Tahitian black pearls to pair with these beauties so we can create unique one of kind designs we hope you will enjoy!

…and yes, I found other beauties and a little unexpected surprise treasure.