Atelier Leseine Debuts Men’s Lines in Two New Jewelry Collections

Atelier Leseine Debuts Men’s Lines in Two New Jewelry Collections

Designer draws on French Polynesian history for her exotic men’s pearl collections

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2014

Atelier Leseine designer, Nathalie Leseine, unveils her latest Tahitian carved black pearl men jewelry collections, Moana Cruise and Moana Mana. A world traveler and Tahitian pearl expert, Leseine’s love for the traditions behind the Polynesian motifs brought her to design carved pearl collections for men too. And why not?

The pearl, with its dark colors has a very masculine appearance. Those having the pleasure of visiting the native country of these pearls will see the inhabitants of the islands, men and women, young and old, carrying these noble gems with pride. This is a trend that is now expanding around the world with free thinking men celebrating their masculinity through the intensity of the Tahitian black pearl.

Spending time in French Polynesia taught Leseine the stories behind the Tahitian motifs on a carved pearl, the value of owning such a pearl, how it reflected your personality and what you love and respect. And so, it was evident to her that collections which bear this rich cultural Polynesian trademark needed to be offered.

Atelier Leseine’s latest pearl collections, “Moana Cruise” and “Moana Mana” have been created to awaken the modern explorer, the adventurer, and the man of the world.

Every carefully hand­selected Tahitian pearl is carved by the hands of Master Craftsmen, skillful Tahitian artisans who choose traditional Polynesian motifs and symbols which convey the powerful images of a culture rich with powerful images. Each motif has a special meaning or story behind its design with the combination of symbols and the way they are depicted giving each carving its own unique character. Because the Tahitian pearls in these collections are hand­crafted, no two pearls will ever be exactly the same.

Atelier Leseine opened in 2011 in Mountain View, CA with a philosophy of bringing jewels with a multi­cultural vibe into forward thinking designs. With Moana Cruise, a chocker featuring a handcrafted mounting and adjustable clasp, we can clearly see the trademarks of the designer; her love for geometric angles which pair just right with the Polynesian motifs, her attention to detail with the adjustable clasp for convenience for the wearer, and her pursuit for quality long lasting jewels by choosing to use Argentium non tarnish silver to make sure the jewel will stay as beautiful as on day one.

Her second distinctive line, Moana Mana, offers even more choices as the pearl enhancer allows for the pearl to be worn either on this high quality rubber with the adjustable clasp, or be detached and be worn on a leather cord or silver chain, whichever mood strikes her customer.

Moana Cruise and Moana Mana speak to each individual in its private language of what he loves. One thing becomes clear ­­every man fortunate enough to wear these exotic pieces are sure to be noticed.

To learn more contact Nathalie Leseine at nathalie(at)atelierleseine(dot)com or at Atelier Leseine, PO Box 391446, Mountain View, CA 94039. Visit Call (650) 714­4112